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KOLDPOP RADIO will be testing between now and October 31st when KOLDPOP RADIO will stream a special program for halloween beginning at 6PM  E.T. October 31st

Grab the popcorn and your friends if they're Baby

 Boomers  for this will be a special program for which we will keep a secret until the last moment, but it will be a program for which if you're a Baby Boomer I hope you will listen and remember and most of all enjoy for we will do some very special programs with an announcement on February 1st of a program never aired or streamed anywhere and this program will be made known at 12N E.T. February 1st .


We will also keep a menu here on this site as to upcoming programs for which will begin usually around 8AM  E.T. with many exceptions and this will also be made known as we begin this program
and make determinations as listenership hopefully comes to be.



Again for the month of October we wll occasionally test here on Shoucast .


October  31st ---A Special Program For  Halloween Beginning At  6PM  E.T.
November 1--Cashbox  Hot-100 11-1-58 ,  WKLO 11-1-69.... KDWB 11-1 71
November  2nd--WIBG  11-2-59...WIBG  11-2-64
November 3rd--KXOK  St  Louis  ..The  Soul  Of 1968

November  4th--Gospel AM  Adult  Contemporary
November 5th--  The Loma  Label

November  6th--WVLK  Lexington  Kentucky 1961.. CFUN  --1975

November  7th---#1's  1940 - 1949

November 8th -- 2UE  11-8-63.. 2UE  11-8-67

November 9th  1977--MISC

November  10th--Canadian  Garage  Bands 

November  11th  Gospel,  Blues  & Smooth  Instrumentals
November  12th--Charted  Only  One Week 1960 - 1969

November  13th---Australian  No 1's

November  14th---Home Base  For  Groups

November 15th--Hot-100  11-15-69..MISC

November  16th  Celebrities & Their Hit Releases
November  17th---A Taste  Of  Chicago  & Forgotten  Chicago  Gems
November  18th --A Sunday  Program For  Sunday  Listening  Will Update  Later
November 19th--The  Year  1968
November  20th--A  Country Day  On  KOLDPOP RADIO

November  21---The  Year  1954
November  22nd--Thanksgiving  Day  Program  &  Hot-100  100  11-23-63

November  23rd--Jazz  For  Us  Jazz  Listeners  ..Format  Later

November  24th--Before  &  After ...Groups For Whom Changed Their Names  Before  &  After
November  25th--Music  For  A  Sunday--- 6PM  2UE 11-25-64

November 26th--Top  40  For  The Year   1983, 1984,  1985

November  27th --Rock-A-Billy... MISC

November  28--Rogue  Hits &  Forgotten  Gems  For  1964

November  29th --WRKO  11-29-74  &  MISC

November  30th  ---OPEN...WHO  KNOWS  ???


This List Is Subject To Change For  A  Request Could Change A Particular Days Programming.





























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