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Imagine  listening to the  years  of 1950  through  1959  featuring tens of thousands of hits in chronological order as they were released along with radio commercials associated with each year such as car commercials featuring each and every year as the years are presented.

Radio stations from America,  Canada,  Australia  and the Unitred  Kingdom featuted throughout each and every year making for an entertainment event.

The  TV shows we grew up with as they come and went throughout the entire program and inserted in the year in which they were known to us older listeners.

Radio bulletins and news events as they were presented to the public again year by year from  1950-through  1959.

Your  favorite  TV  show themes  streamed during the year being streamed  from beginning to end with many memories there for all of us and boy have we forgotten a lot.

News headlines again inserted on the date of the newscast or news bulletin and again so much more.


Many more perks during this the beginning of what would become known as the Rock N'  Roll era for which we will include predominately pop songs for country formats , rocka billy and to some degree Doo Wop will be presented on separate programs at some point in the future.

Just too much to explain here for the program took three years to build and still it will be an abreviated program for there's too much to stream here.

Bye the way Jazz from the very early years through the 1980's also will be presented at some point.




We'll go to through the 1960-1969 decade with tens of thousands of everything charted, bubbled at the Hot-100  and many thousands of both local and regional hits from America and around the world and with even more perks for which you'll have to listen  too in order to  make a judgement call on the program and again done in order as they appeared on stations where you and I grew up.




We will do the same with the 1970 - 1979  decade again featuring what we did during the previous twenty years.




We will do the same although to just a smaller degree the 1980 - 1989 decade again featuring thousands and thousands of hits from many locations and stations from around the world.




We already have the 1930's and 1940's also built again featuring early radio days in America and again featuring much more than just the hits from the early days of music in America and around the world.


The 1950 thru  1989  program will feature  approximately 90,000 hits and during the streaming of the program I intend from time to time to throw some addition surprises into the fray and again should this program get off the ground for it will take many weeks 24 / 7 to stream the program,but by the ending of the program listeners will truely have become experts of what was and what continued on for forty years and for which you may never hear again.


If you know someone for whom were a part of the garage band movement of the 1960's let them know of this program for they will hear their  music here done in a hopefullly realistic fashion as it sound like when we boomers were much younger and perhaps not even born  yet.


No way that I would even think of detailing what we'll do and stream for there was just too much out there from the decades gone by, but we'll try to give you a reason to listen all the time.


KOLDPOP RADIO.....Something different and with programs that will be listed on this site in advance for listeners for whom wish to listen to what they wish to hear nearly each and every day.


So many stations featuring the music of the past and some for which may just be worth listening too, BUT this program is just too big and the capabilities are nearly endless, but my work is just about over and frankly I'm tired and wish now to get this program after a number of years of setback on the

our  PC's and intend to not take my work to seriously, but to have good time with again too many other perks for which I'll keep to myself for now.


If you want to listen to something different and truely educational this program may be your goal for future listenership, but it will take time to make a judgement for specialized programs are what this programs is about and they're coming and I hope you'll enjoy the ride.





ANY QUESTIONS ..............  requestoldpop@charter.net







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